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Carbon Steel Cold Forging Oil Common Problems And Solutions
Jan 13, 2017

Present situation, market

Cold heading process one or more impact load is used at room temperature, is widely used in the production of pins, screws, fasteners such as nuts, bushings, riveting piece. Cold upsetting technology can save raw materials, cost reduction, and tensile strength of hardened through cold working, improved performance, efficiency is much higher than the traditional "red" at the same time, required for cold heading process of forming oil also puts high technical requirements.

Market main distribution in North of yongnian, and xingtai, East of Suzhou, and Ningbo, and Wenzhou, South of Guangzhou, and Dongguan,, cold heading forming oil development to today, is all metal processing oil among profit minimum of a paragraph, has not in for Yu long-distance trafficking, around forming oil harmonic factory are in trying to conquer technology problem, to expects break Taiwan oil, and United Kingdom brand imports oil of monopoly situation, in near million barrels/months of market total demand in the points have a cup soup.

Second, frequently asked questions

1. the piece yellow, rust, stimulate the persons skin.

2. the short service life of the punch and die.

3. the oil bubble.

4. the lubricating oil circulating piping occur.

5. pour point high cause winter fails to start.

6. the workpiece black, blue, dark, not light.

More than a few questions from the market cold forging oil talks:

Cold heading process has its origins in World War II, mainly for the production of cartridges and developed in Taiwan. Because of the limited level of technological research and development, as additives for lubricating oil inside the core--required for cold stamping machine stays on using black sulphur, the use of chlorinated paraffins, fat and active sulfur. Which black sulfur and fat up to anti-mill role, corrosion is small, price low; chloride paraffin and activity sulfur up to very pressure role, and this formula using has, its advantages is economic, various additives easy procurement; but due to large of using has activity strong, and price low of chloride paraffin, in using process in the produced free chlorine, and and oxygen and water combined reaction into variety acid (corrosion sex is greater than hydrochloride, and sulfuric acid), caused corrosion sex high, makes artifacts yellow, and rust, corrosion equipment, shortened equipment using life, stimulus employees skin, Pollution of the environment.

Since 2006, the country has banned the production of carbon-13 chlorinated paraffins, internationally comprehensive: No. Chlorinated paraffin wax by oxidation acid value increase bubble which is the main cause of oil rise, high acid value oil plug oil. Therefore, multi-station cold heading lubricating oil is an absolute ban on chlorinated paraffins present in the. Active sulfur (sulfurized olefin) is characterized by not high abrasion performance of copper corrosion of equipment corrosion of copper. Fat lubricates not saying much, but its use has caused winter oil solidifying point is too high, started in the North need to be heated in order to function properly, is not easy.

Black sulfur as an anti-wear additive used in the formula, because of its C-S with too firm, requires very high pressure and temperature (280 ¡æ ~600 ¡æ) sulfur can be released, where temperatures come from? Only by mold and artifacts of dramatic friction from, high temperature high pressure Xia release out of s up to anti-mill role of while also in corrosion with artifacts and mold, led surface sent dark, and blue, and black, surface changes degree and alloy material, and and black sulfur of sulfide degree about, like Hangzhou a harmonic factory production of cold heading oil, its black sulfur used hair oil (cottonseed oil) through business, sulfide process rough, so harmonic out of cold heading oil, was processing pieces Basic is black; and Taiwan a brand cold heading oil, used T405, and pig oil, and sulfide olefin, Abrasion resistance is slightly better, so early by processing did not change, but processing the late friction increases, sharp rise in temperature, resulting in discoloration at high temperature of the workpiece, especially the processing of Hexagon started bluing; this is a scientific formula at the time of the cold upsetting technology across the Board. Use limitations are more than a few problems due to additive key reason.

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