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Analysis On Four Misunderstandings Of Lubrication Industry
Sep 22, 2017

Analysis on Four Misunderstandings of Lubrication Industry
       Automotive Lubrication Industry, it can be said that in the maintenance of a high frequency of use of oil, it can not only protect the role of the engine, but also save the cost of gasoline can be described as multiple purposes; but if used improperly, lubricants The industry not only can not achieve the role of conservation, but will undermine our car. Today, we Lubrication Industry here for everyone to introduce the use of the four misunderstanding of the oil industry, hoping for the majority of owners to help.
Misunderstanding 1: Lubricants often do not change the industry
Often check the oil industry is correct, but only add no replacement can only make up for the lack of oil on the number, but can not fully compensate for the loss of performance of the Lubrication Industry. Lubrication Industry in the use of the process, due to pollution, oxidation and other reasons will gradually decline in quality, while there will be some consumption, so that the number reduced.
Misunderstanding 2: additives useful
The truly high-quality Lubrication Industry is a finished product with a variety of engine protection features, including a variety of additives, including anti-wear agent, and the Lubrication Industry's most balanced formula to ensure the full performance of various performance. Self-added other additives not only can not bring additional protection to the vehicle, but easy to react with the chemical substances in the oil, resulting in a decline in the overall performance of the oil.
Misunderstanding 3: Lubrication Industry can add more
Lubrication Industry should be controlled in the oil dipstick between the upper and lower tick marks as well. Because the oil industry will be too much from the gap between the cylinder and the piston fleeing into the combustion chamber combustion to form coke. These coke will increase the engine compression ratio, increase the tendency to produce knock; coke in the cylinder was red hot state is also likely to cause premature combustion, such as falling into the cylinder will aggravate the cylinder and piston wear, but also accelerate the pollution of the oil industry The Second, the oil industry to increase the excessive increase in the crankshaft connecting rod resistance, so that fuel consumption increases.
Misunderstanding 4: When the oil industry is black on the oil change
This understanding is not comprehensive. For the oil industry is not added to the quiet agent, the color is black is indeed a serious deterioration of oil performance, but the use of modern automotive Lubrication Industry are generally added quiet decomposition agent. This cleansing agent will adhere to the film on the piston and black coke washed down and dispersed in the oil to reduce the formation of high temperature precipitates of the engine, so the oil industry after a period of time the color is easy to black, but this time Of the oil is not completely deteriorated.
  Lubrication Industry has a certain flushing performance, can be in the metal cutting process, the excess metal debris and impurities rinse. If the metal chip can not be discharged from the work area in time, cutting can not continue, on the one hand the chip will accumulate in the tool and the workpiece between the narrow space, so that cutting can not continue, especially in deep hole drilling the most typical.
    If the process of metal cutting, the use of Lubrication Industry, will affect the quality of cutting, such as the surface finish deterioration, reduce the cutting quality, grinding grinding wheel will be embedded in the sand between the hard sand sand contact with the workpiece The Finally, the chip can increase the wear and damage of the tool. The metal Lubrication Industry reduces chip and workpiece and tool friction, accelerates chip removal rates, also moves through the metal Lubrication Industry as a liquid, taking chips away from the work area in a timely manner, with the use of pressurized lubricants Chip out; some make the Lubrication Industry has a good settlement performance. So that the fine debris quickly settling without suspending in the Lubrication Industry and recycling to the processing area.
    As can be seen from the above, the importance of the flushing function is provided by the Lubrication Industry during the metalworking process. Therefore, in the process of metal processing must be a reasonable choice of the appropriate metal Lubrication Industry.

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