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Advantages And Methods Of Use Of Metalworking Fluids
Jun 01, 2017

Metal Working Fluid Metal processing fluid advantages and methods of use, metalworking fluids (Metalworking fluids) mainly metal processing with the liquid, mainly from the lubrication and cooling effect, both rust cleaning and so on. General metal processing fluids include cutting fluid, cutting oil, emulsion, stamping oil, quenching agent, high temperature oil, extreme pressure cutting fluid, grinding fluid, anti-rust oil, cleaning agent, blackening agent, deepening oil. Metal processing cutting fluid is a low foam, high lubricity of soluble lubricants, even in the application of high demands on the processing environment can also make maintenance costs to a minimum, the basic can be applied to all types of metal and alloy all Type of processing, it is most of the general processing of iron metal is very effective, especially in the processing of mild steel, cast iron, stainless steel and other special steel can also play an excellent lubrication and cooling effect

  Metal Working Fluid If the operation is mainly required in addition to heat cooling, then the metal processing cutting fluid can be dubbed low concentration of processing fluid; if you want to process soft, sticky material, or in the low-speed processing requires a lot of friction, then the metal processing cutting Liquid dubbed a high concentration of processing fluid. We believe that 7-10% is the most suitable storage tank storage, but also can play the best performance concentration. In addition, if it is grinding, it is generally recommended to use the concentration of 3-5%


  This product uses a very stable formula, greatly extending its service life, do not need to add any expensive additives. Also environmentally friendly products, the machine and the operator is very safe - does not contain any chlorine, phosphorus and other extreme pressure additives, as well as phenol, nitrite, triazine compounds.

  The product effectively prevents the erosion of bacteria and fungi, greatly increased service life, saving the cost of custody and maintenance. The product also has a good wetting adhesion characteristics, reducing the cutting fluid spill loss, but also clean the environment.

  Product Extreme Pressure Additive can effectively prevent metal welding, which can protect the machine and tool surface, but also to prevent the tool and knife, knife folder sticking or bite card and so on.

  The product can be compatible with most of the processing materials, including: cast iron, steel, copper, aluminum, and a variety of plastics and compounds.

  Metal cutting fluid in the cooling performance and lubrication performance has a good balance. Its low water mist, low foaming characteristics are well suited for high pressure, high flow coolant systems. Product applications are widely used, can be effectively used in some harsh processing production conditions, such as: surface processing, centerless grinding, severe broaching, gear milling, thread milling and so on.

  After use, the coolant can be easily cleaned with water, a processing solution or an aqueous cleaning agent. The user can use the existing technology, equipment, and in accordance with the general treatment method can be discarded products.


  Metalworking fluids basically cover most of the liquids used for metalworking, such as emulsified metalworking fluids, semi-synthetic metalworking fluids, fully synthetic metalworking fluids, metalworking oils, etc., all of which are metalworking fluids. For the use of metalworking fluid, metal processing network for the metal processing manufacturers to introduce you.

  First, the metal processing fluid, although a lot of types, but most of the methods used are similar, for water-soluble metalworking fluid, is required by adding water for dilution use, as for metal processing fluid and water ratio ratio, You can consult with us to provide metal processing fluid suppliers. We need to note that the water quality of the water must be met to meet the requirements of metalworking fluids, because the water also has hard water and soft water.

  Second: the use of metal processing oil, with the use of metal processing fluid is not the same, metal processing oil can not join the water, do not need to add water can be used directly, and do not need to use dilution. But in the metal processing time, according to their processing of materials, methods and requirements, select the load processing requirements of the concentration of metal processing oil.

  Metal Working Fluid Third: whether it is metal processing fluid or metal processing oil, in the storage time, should be stored in a cool dry place, to avoid direct sunlight. Use the principle of first-in first-out.

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