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99% Of People Do Not Know The Reasons For Rust Failure!
Oct 17, 2017

99% of people do not know the reasons for rust failure!


The picture shows a processing of carbon steel deep drilling processing plant, after processing the workpiece rust serious. But the manufacturers also use the anti-rust oil, which is why?



According to the scene sampling, diesel appearance turbidity, containing too much impurities, containing water stains, the workpiece cleaning residual nitrite and so on.


Reason one: rusty workpiece cleaning unproperly

Before the use of metal anti-rust oil products, the rust-proof parts of the cleaning and dehydration should be thorough, if not, may be completely cause one of the reasons for rust failure. Because before the surface of metal parts in the coating ,the anti-rust oil cleaning and dehydration is very important, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced. Rolitone Lubrication, recommended that you carefully clean the workpiece, remove oil and other dirt and dehydrate before performing oil inspection. Do this should wear a film glove and can not be checked by hand or wearing a dirty glove. Only the use of the correct process, behind the use of metal rust-proof oil products can play a rust-proof effect.


Reason two: metal rust-proof oil product coating bad

The use of metal anti-rust oil coating is also very critical, if the coating is bad, will cause rust failure. Because the use of metal rust-proof oil improper, you can not play its due effect. Rolitone lubrication remind you that the need for anti-rust of the workpiece should be soaked in the container for a period of time, but also the entire workpiece should be submerged, or light brush processing will make the workpiece surface remains water and organic ingredients lead to rust failure .

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