Metal-specific Cleaning Agent

Metal-specific Cleaning Agent


The product is the most excellent cleaning method - surface activation applied to production practice. It has excellent emulsifying, dispersing, penetrating, washing and antirust properties. It is suitable for cleaning of any non-ferrous and ferrous metal products and plastic, ceramic and glass products. The technical indicators meet or exceed the national standard QB / T2117-95 professional standards.

1, the working fluid without smell, no pollution, harmless to human body, colorless and transparent at room temperature.
2, the mineral oil, synthetic oil, animal and vegetable oils, lubricants, anti-rust oil and other oil has an excellent cleaning.
3, compared with other cleaning agents, the same ratio of concentration, can achieve a higher cleaning effect, and low volatility, temperature drop is small, long aging, significantly reduce cleaning costs.
4, in the hot and humid conditions, the cast iron, steel, copper, aluminum and its various anti-rust effect of the alloy is much higher than the national standard.
5, after cleaning the workpiece without rinsing; corrosion is small, the workpiece to be cleaned to maintain metallic luster.
6, safe, because the product of active ingredients for the special surfactant, does not corrode the skin, and easy to biodegradable, non-flammable non-explosive, in the open fire scene can be assured to use.
Use and storage:

1, according to the dirt and cleaning conditions, take this product by adding 60% concentration of water, the solution is stirred and cleaned.
2, according to actual needs, can take mechanical pressure spray or hand rinse, scrub, brush.
3, the bottom of the tank to be cleaned regularly, according to consumption can be added to the same percentage of the concentration of the working fluid or replacement of new liquid.
4, long-term storage of this product should be placed in the shade, to avoid exposure.
5, then press 1:40 blending working fluid.

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