Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Concentrates

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Concentrates


This product is the choice of surfactants, builders and special effects of corrosion inhibitor compound dubbed the water-based type of cleaning agent. With strong penetration, cleaning, emulsifying oil and mechanical stamping lubricants have a good cleaning effect, especially for copper and ferrous metals have a good cleaning ability, the mechanical yellow gown cleaning also has good results.

1. Advantages:

► Non-toxic, non-irritating to human skin.

► No sodium nitrite, phosphate, solvent-free, does not pollute the environment, is environmentally friendly.

► Has a certain anti-rust effect.

2.Product physical characteristics




Brown yellow

PH(3% aqueous solution)


Corrosion test

40 +2 º C 8h full impregnation of 45 # steel
     Brass should not appear corrosion marks, allowing a discoloration of brass.Rust test

Rust test

40 + 2ºC RH90 ± 2% Monolithic 3h, 45 # steel, brass H62 level.

Cleaning rate,%>

95 oil pollution

3. Application

Apply to metal materials, equipment, materials, degreasing, degreasing cleaning, metal surface cleaning and other requirements, higher metal parts oil cleaning.


1, with the way can be soaked, scrubbing, mechanical cleaning, degreasing at room temperature, if the need to speed up degreasing speed, heated to 60 º C-70 º C.

2, with a concentration of 1% -3%.

3, depending on the severity of the cycle depends on the degree of oil and the use of the case, the general decontamination significantly decreased when the replacement or replacement of working fluid.

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