Water Based Cutting Fluids

Water Based Cutting Fluids



A complete range of lubricants intended for machining by swarf removal, for all metals.

The contaminated fluid is separated in a 3-phase lamella separator in which tramp oil as well as solid particles in the coolant are separated in the lamella package. The purified coolant is sent to the machine tools, and the separated tramp oil is collected in a waste oil container. The separated solid particles settles to the bottom of the separator and are automatically removed by a scraper unit to a sludge container.

The product is new generation product combining both advantages of “Synthetic fluid” and Emulsion fluid”—excellent lubricity, excellent cleanliness and cooling properties.

It is formulated with high-effective corrosion inhibitor additive and lubricants. It does not contain sulfur, phosphor, chlorine, sodium nitrite and acid. And it has long service life even without biocide because its basic components are some chemical substance with good bio-stability against rancidity.

We provide solutions to reduce your overall costs:

  • Improve productivity, improve the Overall Equipment Efficiency

  • Increase the lifetime of tools

  • Increase the lifetime of lubricants / space out oil changes, and reduce waste

  • Reduce the personnel costs associated with lubricants (interventions / oil changes / maintenance...)


Excellent lubricity

Long service life

Outstanding cleaning property

Excellent rust protection for most ferrous metals

Appearance (Neat)

Clear colorless liquid

Appearance ( 2.5% in DI water)

Clear colorless liquid

Specific Gravity @ 24℃


pH, (Neat)


pH, ( 10% in DI water)


Solubility in water

100% miscible


The product is designed to be used for operations on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


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