Aluminum Cutting Fluid

Aluminum Cutting Fluid

Department of highly efficient synthetic water-soluble cutting fluid.


Product Description:

This product uses lubricating additives, rust inhibitors, non-ferrous metal corrosion inhibitors and foam inhibitors carefully prepared, does not contain heavy metals, sodium nitrite and phenols and other harmful substances, is a new environmentally friendly water-soluble cutting fluid for traditional machine tools And flexible processing system. Can be used for cast iron, alloy steel, carbon steel, zinc alloy, aluminum, aluminum alloy materials such as cars, milling, drilling and other processing.

Product Features:
1.has good cooling, lubrication cleaning, anti-rust function
2.has a good anti-foam function, good resistance to hard water, good cleaning
3.long-term stability of water-soluble processing solution
4.waste disposal convenience, environmental protection

5.extend tool life and improve the surface quality of the workpiece.

1. After the container is cleaned, add the semi-synthetic cutting fluid concentrate to the water at room temperature and add with stirring until a stable aqueous solution is formed. You can use deionized water or tap water. Recommended dilution 5% wt.

2. Metal processing under normal conditions in 2 to 6 months warranty period only need to add the diluent diluent, no need to be replaced.

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