Cutting Fluid

  • Cutting Fluid For Steel

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    Cutting Fluid For Steel

    Cutting Fluid For Steel Q6 EP Grinding Coolant Oil For Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel And Alloy Steel SPECIAL PROPERTIES AND APPLICATION Q6 is composed of refined mineral oil, high-efficient EP additive, oilness additive. It has excellent EP property and lubricity, good...Read More

  • Soluble Oil Suppliers

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    Soluble Oil Suppliers

    soluble oil suppliers Water-soluble cutting fluids are used when metals or similar materials are cut and made into finished products by machine tools such as lathes, machining centers, and grinding machines. RLT is developing cutting fluids that have long service lives, which...Read More

  • Water Soluble Oil Lubricant

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    Water Soluble Oil Lubricant

    Water Soluble Oil Lubricant Special Effects Synthetic Rust Metal Processing Oil DESPRIPTION SW- F30 has excellent lubricity, anti-rust, cooling and EP properties. SW- F30 is formulated with high-effective corrosion inhibitor additive, lubricants, EP additives and so on. It...Read More

  • Best Cutting Oil For Machining

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    Best Cutting Oil For Machining

    best cutting oil for machining DESPRIPTION SW-3060 is new generation product combining both advantages of “Synthetic fluid” and Emulsion fluid”-excellent lubricity, excellent cleanliness and cooling properties. SW-3060 is formulated with high-effective...Read More

  • Lathe Cutting Fluid

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    Lathe Cutting Fluid

    This product is a high-performance, non-active cutting oil; made from paraffin-based oil, with high efficiency extreme pressure agent, antioxidants, rust inhibitors and fog inhibitors. Application 1. Suitable for cast iron, carbon steel ferrous metal , stainless steel, alloy...Read More

  • Best Cutting Oil For Aluminum

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    Best Cutting Oil For Aluminum

    best cutting oil for aluminum SW- 2000 Emulsion Oil for Aluminum Wheel DESPRIPTION SW- 2000 is designed for operation of aluminum wheel. SW-2000 can satisfy the requirement of high speed and general cutting working of aluminum wheel. SW- 2000 can improve the surface finishing...Read More

  • Metal Cutting Lubricant

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    Metal Cutting Lubricant

    Metal Cutting Lubricant Description: Unique biological properties, non-chlorine bio-based water-based metal processing oil, designed for almost all metals, suitable for all metal processing applications such as turning, milling, drilling, sawing, broaching, tapping and...Read More

  • Metalworking Fluids

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    Metalworking Fluids

    Metalworking Fluids DESCRIPTION The products are low viscosity general purpose neat cutting oils. These oils exhibit fast wetting of metal surfaces and rapid draining from machining swarf properties. They are transparent, non-staining and non-irritating to skin....Read More

  • Cutting Coolant Oil

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    Cutting Coolant Oil

    cutting coolant oil SW-230 is a low foaming, moderate to heavy duty coolant with excellent bio-stability. It can control foam in very soft water, yet retains emulsion stability in very hard water (1000 ppm).As an extremely low foaming fluid, besides for normal pressure...Read More

  • Cutting Fluids Used In Machining

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    Cutting Fluids Used In Machining

    cutting fluids used in machining F3 is a low-misting, neat cutting fluid containing high-performance, chlorine-free EP additive combinations and polar lubricity improvers It contains substances to improve oxidation stability and corrosion protection. Inclusion of EP additives...Read More

  • Synthetic Metal Cutting Fluid

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    Synthetic Metal Cutting Fluid

    Synthetic Metal Cutting Fluid NC-810V is a high performance, heavy duty, semi-synthetic coolant. It has been specifically developed for machining high strength aluminum alloys, ferrous metals and copper alloys. It is used for diverse machining operations including turning,...Read More

  • Cutting Coolant Fluid

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    Cutting Coolant Fluid

    Cutting Coolant Fluid Description: SW-3000 is a high additive neat cutting oil recommended for a wide range of operations, especially those of a more arduous nature involving hardened steels and hardened non-ferrous alloys. High levels of extreme pressure and lubricity...Read More

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