Anti-rust Oil Series

  • Rust Preventive Oil for Steel

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    Rust Preventive Oil for Steel

    Product Description: ◆ Widely used for sealing metal rust, rust period of 2 years. Salt spray has a good isolation. Applies To: ◆ a variety of indoor or outdoor mechanical rust and metal products packaging rust. Application Points: ◆ After the workpiece is cleaned and dried,...Read More

  • Rust Oil

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    Rust Oil

    Water Replacement Anti-rust Oil SPECIAL PROPERTIES AND APPLICATION GY-32 water replacement anti-rust oil is formulated with base oil, dehydration and anti-rust additive. GY-32 is suitable for process anti-rust protection. It can replace the water film of the metal surface and...Read More

  • Rust Proofing Oil

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    Rust Proofing Oil

    GY-14 Extreme Thin Layer Anti-rust Oil SPECIAL PROPERTIES AND APPLICATION GY-14 is a solvent-volatile anti-rust oil formulated with petro-solvent, film inhibitor and anti-rust additive. GY-14 is suitable for process anti-rust protection of steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum...Read More

  • Complex Anti-rust Additive

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    Complex Anti-rust Additive

    GY-26 Complex Anti-rust Additive SPECIAL PROPERTIES Gy-26 complex anti-rust additive applied by Gy-12 anti-rust oil, a scientific and technical result of national “7.5” key breakthrough project. According the different requirement of different customers, Gy-26 is very...Read More

  • Synthetic Penetrating and Corrosion Protecting Fluid for Use on Food and Beverage Processing Equipment

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    Synthetic Penetrating and Corrosion Protecting Fluid for Use on Food and Beverage Processing Equipment

    Performance Features Due to its capillary effect it penetrates quickly between rusty and encrusted surfaces of contact Lubricates and protects against corrosion Oil and grease residues are dislodged to facilitate cleaning Easy to apply Neutral odour and taste PD-400 is also...Read More

  • Anti Corrosion Oil

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    Anti Corrosion Oil

    Product Description: This product is anti-rust oil which is added film-forming materials, polymer anti-rust additives. Rapid filming on the metal surface, the film is solid, transparent, can well protect the metal surface not be oxidized, widely used in ferrous and...Read More

  • Pre-lube for Blank Washing

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    Pre-lube for Blank Washing

    P-140 is a low viscous, barium free pre-lube used for blank washing. It is especially suitable for the cleaning of steel strips and blanks prior to pressing. The properties of P-140 improve the drawing abilities of metals and reduces wear. It protects the formed parts from...Read More

  • Metal Corrosion Prevention Oil With Excellent Deep Drawing Properties

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    Metal Corrosion Prevention Oil With Excellent Deep Drawing Properties

    P-907 is a brown, thixotropic and barium-free corrosion preventive oil with excellent deep drawing properties for the application in the steel industry. It is well known for the safe corrosion prevention, especially under extreme climate terms, and for optimal drawing...Read More

  • Dewatering Fluid Corrosion Preventives Oils

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    Dewatering Fluid Corrosion Preventives Oils

    P-904 is our newest generation barium free corrosion preventive and dewatering fluid that produces a thin, oily film. The new formulation considerably improves the performance of the product, providing better demulsifying and corrosion protective properties. ANTICORIT DFO...Read More

  • Corrosion Protection Concentrate

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    Corrosion Protection Concentrate

    PD-400 is a corrosion protection concentrate free of barium. Its formulation is based on modern rust protection additives and hence combines an efficient rust protection and good environmental compatibility at the same time. PD-400 is used, if a high corrosion protection is...Read More

  • Corrosion Prevention Washing Oil

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    Corrosion Prevention Washing Oil

    P-903 is a corrosion prevention oil with reduced run-off properties and a low viscosity that is suitable for use in a wide range of applications. P-903 has good forming properties and can easily be removed using aqueous neutral or alkaline cleaners. Since it is thixotropic,...Read More

  • Anti-rust Emulsion Oil

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    Anti-rust Emulsion Oil

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