Metal Working Fluid

Rolitone Oil’s high performance metal working fluid are specially formulated to meet all machining applications and requirements. These include chlorinated and sulphurised for severe cutting operations to active sulphur grades for severe low speed machining applications.
  • Stainless Steel Drilling Oil

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    Stainless Steel Drilling Oil

    Stainless steel drilling oil The stainless steel drilling oil is a high-performance metal material drilling oil. It is scientifically formulated from refined mineral oil and active extreme pressure additives, oily agents, rust inhibitors and special heat transfer additives. ....Read More

  • Long-lasting Emulsified Oil

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    Long-lasting Emulsified Oil

    long-lasting emulsified oil Description The long-lasting emulsified oil is a high-performance long-acting emulsified oil specially designed for titanium alloy and steel processing. It has good anti-oxidation protection for titanium alloy and steel surface, and has excellent...Read More

  • Hot Or Cold Quenching

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    Hot Or Cold Quenching

    hot or cold quenching DESCRIPTION The products are premium quenching oils blended with highly refined paraffinic base oils and versatile additives for heat treating. These oils, with high flash point and low volatility, exhibit good oxidation and thermal stability....Read More

  • Aluminum Alloy Cutting Fluid

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    Aluminum Alloy Cutting Fluid

    aluminum alloy cutting fluid Description The is a kind of aluminum alloy cutting fluid, specially designed for aluminum alloy machining. It has good anti-oxidation protection, excellent lubricity and extreme pressure, and is suitable for various processing processes of...Read More

  • Versatile Semi-synthetic Cutting Fluid

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    Versatile Semi-synthetic Cutting Fluid

    versatile semi-synthetic cutting fluid Description This is a long-life environmentally friendly semi-synthetic cutting fluid that forms a translucent microemulsion after water distribution. The water-based environmentally-friendly semi-synthetic cutting fluid contains special...Read More

  • Stamping Oil For Aluminum Foil

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    Stamping Oil For Aluminum Foil

    stamping oil for aluminum foil Description: This product uses fine narrow fractions base oil as raw material, make with the combination of environment friendly lubricants and extreme pressure agent. 100% rapid evaporation, specially designed for modern high-speed...Read More

  • Water-based Synthetic Grinding Fluid

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    Water-based Synthetic Grinding Fluid

    Water-based synthetic grinding fluid Product Description Water-based fully synthetic coolant molecular particles is less than 0.000001mm, clear and transparent, it has excellent cooling capacity, especially hard water resistance ,but no lubrication. All synthetic liquid...Read More

  • Water Based Cutting Coolant

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    Water Based Cutting Coolant

    water based cutting coolant DESCRIPTION The products are heavy duty neat cutting oils fortified with sulphurised agent and special extreme pressure additive that exhibits good anti-wear, excellent metal chip removing and corrosion protection properties. The performance of the...Read More


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    HONING OILS DESCRIPTION This is low viscosity oils formulated with select additives and EP agents, and possess good lubricity, anti-wear and anti-rust properties. The oils evaporate and only a layer of thin residue left on metal surface, hence very low after-treatment cost is...Read More

  • Synthetic Water-soluble Cutting Fluid

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    Synthetic Water-soluble Cutting Fluid

    Synthetic water-soluble cutting fluid Description: This product is highly efficient synthetic water-soluble cutting fluid. It uses lubricating additives, rust inhibitors, non-ferrous metal corrosion inhibitors and foam inhibitors carefully prepared, does not contain heavy...Read More

  • Semi-synthetic Universal Cutting Fluid

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    Semi-synthetic Universal Cutting Fluid

    Semi-synthetic universal cutting fluid Semi-synthetic common cutting fluid is a high quality and efficient water-soluble cutting fluid. This product uses lubricating additives, rust inhibitors, non-ferrous metal corrosion inhibitors and foam inhibitors carefully prepared,...Read More

  • Cool Tool Cutting Fluid

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    Cool Tool Cutting Fluid

    cool tool cutting fluid DESCRIPTION The products are low viscosity general purpose neat cutting oils. These oils exhibit fast wetting of metal surfaces and rapid draining from machining swarf properties. They are transparent, non-staining and non-irritating to skin....Read More

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We are professional metal working fluid manufacturers and suppliers in China and our factory provides high quality products not only for Asia market, but for all over the world. Welcome to wholesale the best metal working fluid made in China from us.
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