Grinding Wheel Material

Grinding Wheel Material

Full energy efficient grinding fluid Metal cutting grinding fluid for industry machinery


Grinding Wheel Material

Product details:

SWE-240 is green translucent viscous liquid, it is not contain animal, vegetable oil and mineral oil, does not contain any sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine additives, water-soluble ionic coolant.


This product can be any proportion of water miscible, the formation of different concentrations of true solution, a variety of highly efficient additives to make it have excellent processing performance, cooling capacity is extremely strong so that the work area quickly heat, can significantly improve the workpiece processing accuracy.


Performance feature:

1.     Well lubrication, cooling, rinse and anti-corrosion.

2.     Stable property, non-toxic, not-pollution, Emission.




Quality index

5% diluent



Defoaming property(distilled water)

After 10min, the foaming is higher than 2ml

Rest prevention test








1.        According to the wheel speed and process requirements, select the appropriate concentration. High-speed grinding (wheel speed at 40m / s above) 5 to 6%; ordinary grinding (wheel speed 35m / s below) 4 ~ 5%, diluted with tap water, the water soluble liquid is light yellow translucent.

2.        Before using this product should be cleaned machine cooling system, to avoid the use of the original coolant mixed with the use of the effect.


3.        During use, add fresh liquid as needed.

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