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How to use the anti-rust oil on machine table and then play the best results?
May 23, 2017

How to apply rust-proof oil can effectively avoid the appearance of the machine table and air touch, effectively prevent the machine table rust, recommend the following methods:

1, The use of solvent dilution type anti-rust oil: This anti-rust oil is characterized by evaporation of the solvent can be in the machine table wipe the rust-proof oil on the table, due to the evaporation of rust-proof oil to the machine table to form a layer Better protective film, in order to protect the metal face will not corrode, the use of more is the dural rust oil. Solvent dilution type hard film anti-rust oil maintenance film has a certain mechanical strength, not fragile, non-stick Dust, rust and good, even if it is used outside for a long time, for the simple shape of the machine table anti-rust maintenance is better, rust-proof water can only work in the machine table on the face of a thin layer, The use of concentration should be based on rust duration, environmental conditions, seasonal climate and other factors to determine the package of gas-phase anti-rust paper and the use of gas-phase release agent both use the process of packaging must be sealed to ensure that the machine table rust-proof period lasting, the effect of solid 

2, The lubricating anti-rust oil, both anti-rust and smooth, suitable for general machine tool table machinery and equipment smooth parts of the rust-proof storage; anti-rust oil at room temperature, rust-proof performance, With less, unsealed convenience, is the most widely used anti-rust oil.

3, the choice of replacement type anti-rust oil: mechanical equipment and machine table (flat), measuring the appearance of the metal surface of a simple infection of the hands of the sweat, sweat containing metal rusty ingredients, so we usually work to avoid Sweat, replacement rust-proof oil in the surface of the active agent adsorption effect is strong, forcing the water particles from the metal appearance, constitute water-in-water particles, no longer corrosion metal appearance.

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