Industrial Cleaning

  • Industrial Parts Washer Solvent

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    Industrial Parts Washer Solvent

    industrial parts washer solvent 1025 as a special formula environmental cleaner for metal cleaning, its main ingredients are high purity alkane hydrocarbons. Character: Appearance:Transparent colorless liquid Smell:little Density:0.72 (20℃) Water solubility:indissolvable...Read More

  • Soaking Cleaning Agent

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    Soaking Cleaning Agent

    Soaking cleaning agent Introduction The is a special cleaning agent for soaking. It does not require ultrasonic cleaning, spray and other auxiliary cleaning to achieve good cleaning performance and low cleaning cost. This product is weakly alkaline. It can effectively protect...Read More

  • Polishing And Degreasing Cleaning Agent

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    Polishing And Degreasing Cleaning Agent

    Polishing and degreasing cleaning agent Introduction The is a special cleaning agent for polishing and degreasing. It is a new type of pickling and degreasing agent. The principle of emulsification, wetting and infiltration of surfactant can effectively remove oxide film,...Read More

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

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    Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

    Ultrasonic cleaning solution Physicochemical properties: Usage: Ultrasonic or manual scrub Uses: Used to wash flux and solder paste on the printed steel mesh and PCB frame aluminum frame, oil and scrubbing PCB flux, plastic wire switch.Read More

  • Industrial Ultrasnionic Cleaner

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    Industrial Ultrasnionic Cleaner

    industrial ultrasnionic cleaner Physicochemical properties: How to use: Ultrasonic cleaning Uses: Oil cleaning of water or oily products in stamping, cutting, heat treatment, stretching.Read More

  • Solvent Parts Washer Fluid

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    Solvent Parts Washer Fluid

    solvent parts washer fluid 1055 Features Appearance: colorless transparent liquid Odor: less Density: 0.78 (25°C) Solubility in water: insoluble Flash point: 63°C Viscosity (40°C, mm2/s): 1.8 Surface tension (20°C, dyne/cm): 25 Total aromatic content % weight:...Read More

  • Hydrocarbon Cleaning Solvent

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    Hydrocarbon Cleaning Solvent

    hydrocarbon cleaning solvent 1049 features: Appearance: transparent colorless liquid Odor: less Density: 0.77 (25 ° C) Flash point: 49°C Solubility on water: insoluble Evaporation rate (BuAc = 1.0): 0.35 Vapor pressure (20 ° C, KPA): 0.5 Viscosity (40°C,...Read More

  • Hydrocarbon Solvents

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    Hydrocarbon Solvents

    hydrocarbon solvents 1038 features: Appearance: colorless liquid Bouquet: mild Density: 0.75 (25 ℃ ) For water solubility: refractory Evaporation rate (BuAc = 100) : 52 Vapor pressure (20 ℃ , KPA) : 0.6 Viscosity (40 ℃ , was/s) : 1.0 Surface tension (20 ℃ , dyne/cm) : 24 The...Read More

  • Solvent Cleaner Degreaser

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    Solvent Cleaner Degreaser

    MX18 Features: Appearance: transparent colorless liquid Odor: less Flash point: 44 ℃ Density: 0.75 (20 ° C) Solubility on water: insoluble Vapor pressure (20 ° C, KPA): 0.5 Viscosity (20 ℃ , mm2 / s): 0.8 Surface tension (20 ° C, dyne / cm): 25 Uses / Benefits: 1,...Read More

  • Solvent Cleaning Products

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    Solvent Cleaning Products

    solvent cleaning products Physical Properties : Usage : Ultrasonic cleaning Application : Suitable for cleaning after lead-free assembly (SMT, BGA, CSP) and cleaning of electronic components (such as triode, resistor, ceramic capacitor, motor shaft and coil), PCB fixture,...Read More

  • Chemical Cleaning Solutions

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    Chemical Cleaning Solutions

    chemical cleaning solutions Physical Properties :Read More

  • Water Based Cleaner Degreaser

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    Water Based Cleaner Degreaser

    water based cleaner degreaser Description This product is a new generation of environmentally friendly water-based cleaning agents specially developed for the high-precision cleaning of modern metalworking products. It is mainly used as a unique, special technology for the...Read More

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